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State of Hawaii Found Guilty in PI Settlement

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The highest personal injury settlement in state history was made in Hawaii earlier this week. The suit centered around the deaths of G. Dunn & Crutcher partner, as well as her cousin which occurred more than five years ago in 2006 when the individuals were killed in a hiking accident. The settlement reached $15.4 million.

According to reports, E.W. Brem was hiking in the Waiaula River State Park in Kuai around the Christmas holiday season when she was involved in a hiking accident in which she ultimately lost her life. Berm, an Orange County office securities litigator, was accompanied by her cousin, P. Ramierez. During the hike, the two reportedly came across a warning sign prohibiting them from continuing along the hiking trail that forked to the left. In order to obey the sign's heeded warning, the two instead went down an unmarked trail to the right where they fell approximately 300 feet to their deaths. The steep cliff they fell down was covered with vegetation, but was ultimately not cushioned enough to counter their fall. Adding to the tragedy of this incident, reports indicate that these individuals were not the first two to fall victim to the perils of such a plunge; another hiker also fell more than 200 feet down the cliff, landing in a canopy and just nearly escaping death.

Of primary concern in the case was the fact that the sign seemingly pointed the two women straight to their deaths. As such, the state of Hawaii was charged as responsible for the deaths of both women, and in closing the entire state was found liable and fined more than $15 million as a result. This type of tragedy is the perfect example of just how perilous misguided signs can be. When cases such as this arise, it is imperative that you have a skilled North Carolina personal injury lawyer on your side that can help you address matters of this nature.

At the Lanier Law Group, P.A., we are here to do precisely that. For all of your legal needs regarding personal injury law in the state of North Carolina you can confidently turn to our firm for the legal guidance you need to successfully navigate your way through the claims process or court proceedings of any personal injury case. If you lost a loved one in a wrongful death accident that could have been prevented such as the one described above, then you should not wait to contact a North Carolina personal injury attorney to help you address your case. Taking legal action could make a world of difference in your future, so do not hesitate to call our firm today

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