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What Is a Life Care Plan?

Pamela Pineda, a five-year-old Wilkes County girl, was hit when Rita Blevins Shew drove past a school bus, striking the girl as she got off the bus. The 52-year-old Shew faces up to a year in prison if convicted; she has been charged with passing a school bus and causing serious injury to a child.

Passing a school bus is considered a Class I felony in the state — for good reason. While Pamela fortunately will not require treatment for the rest of her life, she will require continuing treatment for several months, as she is still in a cast and suffers from occasional headaches. In such cases, a life care plan may be appropriate to help her attorney prosecute the case.

A life care plan is a plan developed to figure out what kind of care a person will need following a catastrophic injury. The plan covers everything from hospital care, to recovery, to long-term nursing care. The life care plan can cover just a few months, or it can cover the rest of a person’s life, if they suffered permanent injuries following an accident. The value of such a plan is that it allows your attorney to clearly lay out for a jury exactly what kind of care you will need, and how much it is expected to cost. This allows you to get the maximum possible benefit under the law.

Creating a life care plan is not as easy as online legal document services make it seem, but neither is litigating a personal injury case. Fortunately, many quality personal injury lawyers are willing to work on a contingency basis — which means that they get paid only if you get paid. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by working with an experienced attorney on a contingency basis following any kind of personal injury, including a car accident.