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North Carolina Medical Malpractice Tort Reform Passes in Spite of Governor Veto

When Results Matter Most, Hire a Heavyweight

During its 2011-12 session, the North Carolina General Assembly overrode the gubernatorial veto of a controversial tort reform bill. While the bill added protections to medical providers, many people argue that it robbed medical malpractice victims of their rights. The key provisions of the law include a $500,000 cap on non-economic damages and the elevation of the level of evidence required to prove medical malpractice claims for emergency care. More than ever, victims of medical malpractice need support from an experienced North Carolina medical malpractice lawyer to ensure they pursue the fullest compensation offered under the law.

The American Medical Association supported the legislation and provided resources to the North Carolina Medical Society as it led the charge to enact this legislation. Many legislators and medical professionals believe the bill helps reduce the number of frivolous lawsuits filed within the state. Supporters also believe the change protects emergency room doctors who face higher risks due to the legal requirement to treat all patients regardless of the extent of their injuries – and regardless of how many other patients they may need to treat at the same time. Individuals opposed to the legislation argue that the changes are too extreme and injured patients cannot recover reasonable compensation, particularly when they suffer severe permanent injuries as the result of medical error.

While the field of medicine is not an exact science and emergency medicine poses additional risks due to the need for swift action to save lives, anyone who believes they sustained injuries as the result of negligent emergency medical treatment should consult with an experienced North Carolina medical malpractice attorney. Medical malpractice victims can face extensive additional medical treatment and permanent disabilities that affect patients and their families for a lifetime.

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