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The Importance of Medical Records in a Personal Injury Claim

When Results Matter Most, Hire a Heavyweight

Whenever you decide to seek compensation through a personal injury lawsuit, it is up to you and your attorney to prove the defendant acted with negligence so that you can recover the damages you deserve. Having thorough medical records at your disposal is a great way to bolster your case.

The following are a few reasons why medical records are so important in these claims:

  • They help to prove the extent of your damages. These records come straight from the doctor or therapist who treated you and provide information on the injuries you suffered, the amount of pain you were in, the types of treatment you underwent and how the injury has affected (and will continue to affect) your everyday life. You can even get earlier medical records to show how your physical condition before the injury compared to your condition afterward.
  • Defendants might challenge the legitimacy of your injuries. Similarly, defendants or their insurance companies might request you to undergo an examination from an independent doctor. If the findings of this physician are at all different from the findings of your personal doctor, you can present your own records.
  • You must release medical records. If you file a personal injury claim, you are required to release your medical records. Therefore, you should be sure they are complete and support your claim ahead of time.

Remember, be as thorough as you can whenever you are thinking about moving ahead with a personal injury lawsuit. For more information on how to set yourself up for success when it comes to your claim, contact the skilled North Carolina personal injury attorneys at the Lanier Law Group.

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