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Slip and Fall Injuries that Happen at a Business

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Business owners never want to have a customer be injured while patronizing its business. Unfortunately, accidents happen. Most laws don't hold businesses responsible for accidents unless it is proven that the company and/or its employees failed to meet their duty of care. In order to recover for an injury that happened at a business, you will be required to prove that the business could have taken steps or precautions to prevent the accident from ever happening in the first place.

Personal injuries at businesses can occur in many different ways. All business establishments may be held liable for slips, falls, and collisions. Restaurants may be held liable for food poisoning or for improper items that are found in the food. The owners of a business may be held liable based on inadequate supervision or training of the employees. Each state has its own laws that outline the standards of care that apply in personal injury cases involving a business.

It is understood by the courts that it is impossible for businesses to prevent every accident from happening. Therefore, businesses are expected to use the same amount of care as a reasonably prudent person would. This involves guarding against foreseeable problems, taking precautions, and warning customers of possible dangers. You may have a personal injury claim if you can prove that the business failed to make reasonable precautions to prevent the hazard that caused your injury.

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