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Tips for Safe Driving During the Holidays

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The holidays are a season filled with good cheer, good food, and good company. In North Carolina and the bulk of the United States, the holidays also call for increased car travel. Combine this with winter driving hazards, and it is easy to see why this time of the year is associated with higher rates of traffic collisions.

During this Christmas holiday period alone, the National Safety Council (NSC) estimates that about 340 people may lose their lives in fatal car crashes. The council estimates an even greater loss of life for New Year’s.

Whether you are heading out to go Christmas shopping, to attend a holiday party, or to visit family and friends out of town, we hope these tips will help you stay safe out on the road.

  1. Make Sure Your Car Is in Good Repair

Don’t skimp out on taking your car in for maintenance, especially during the holidays. Have your vehicle fluids topped off, tires rotated, and brakes checked. This can help you avoid roadside emergencies.

  1. Be Ready for an Emergency

Even those with cars in mint condition may find themselves stuck in an emergency situation. It is best to prepare for the worst. Make sure to stock up your car with any emergency items you may need, such as blankets, cat litter, snow chains, and a spare tire. You may find it best to purchase a winter car emergency kit, or make your own.

  1. Check Weather and Traffic Reports Ahead of Time

Take a moment to check the weather and traffic before you go. This can help you avoid getting stuck in dangerous weather conditions, as well as traffic jams.

  1. Avoid Driving at Night

Winter driving and nighttime driving are each dangerous enough on their own. Try to limit your risk of getting into an accident by running your holiday errands during the day, if possible. Similarly, try to drive to holiday events and gatherings when it’s still light out. If you must drive for hours to get to your loved one’s house, try to leave as early in the day as possible and, if you can, stay overnight.

  1. Have a Designated Driver

Many holidays are celebrated with alcohol. Like any other time of the year, make sure to have a designated driver. If you find yourself without one after a night of drinking, opt to take an Uber, Lyft, or taxi home. You can always pick up your car after you have sobered up.

Don’t let this holiday season be stained by tragedy. Together, we can make sure the holidays stay chock-full of joy.

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