What Causes a Truck Rollover Accident?

When a vehicle turns on its side or roof during an accident, this is referred to as rollover. Rollovers can be caused by a number of factors including excessive cornering, tripping, collision, or traversing a critical slope.

Excessive cornering happens when a vehicle takes a turn too quickly. Inertial forces push a vehicle in the direction it was originally going, so if you're going straight and then suddenly turn, the car's inertia is still moving straight ahead. In smaller vehicles, this will make the car slip out or spin, but often this will cause larger vehicles like trucks or SUVs to rollover.

Tripping rollovers can occur when a vehicle is sliding and then one or more tires hit a curb, suddenly regain traction, dig into soft ground, or something similar. Physics will once again cause the car to topple over in this instance.

Collisions with other vehicles or objects can also cause rollover if the vehicle becomes unstable enough as a result of the collision, such as a strong side impact. Crossing a ditch or slope can also cause a rollover if taken at the wrong angle or too high of a speed.

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