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Teenager Charged for Causing Drunk Driving Accident

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Recently, news sources reported that a teenager has been charged with the deaths of her two friends after driving while impaired.

According to the North Carolina Highway Patrol, the 17-year-old female was driving a SUV in Fayetteville when she hit a curb, causing the SUV to overturn. At the time of the car accident, there were seven people in the vehicle; the two who lost their lives were a 16-year-old boy and an 18-year-old girl. Neither was wearing their seat belt when the car crashed.

Once officers realized that the young girl was intoxicated, they had her take a breath test. It was later revealed that her blood alcohol level was 0.14%, almost twice the legal limit in North Carolina. In addition to being intoxicated, she was going ten miles above the speed limit. She has since been charged with felony assault by motor vehicle and felony death by motor vehicle, as well as driving without a license and DUI.

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