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Wrongful Death Claim Filed by Family

When Results Matter Most, Hire a Heavyweight

The family of a man that was killed last November has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against several parties.

In early November, the victim was at a restaurant/bar when he got into a fight with another patron. The other man was very intoxicated but was able to cause bodily injuries so severe that the victim lost his life later that night. The brother of the victim, who is also the administrator of his estate, claims that the bar is to blame for his brother's death.

By allowing the assailant to continue drinking to such a high level of intoxication, the bar failed to prevent rioting, fighting and reveling on the premises. They have been charged with wrongful death and negligence as well as other related counts in connection to the victim's death.

While the owners of the bar are not commenting about the case, it has been said that they wonder why the family waited so long to file the lawsuit. They claim to have no responsibility for the fatal fight that night.

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