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Hospital Blamed for Loss of Child’s Hands and Feet

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A hospital faces a serious medical malpractice suit after one family blames them for the loss of their daughter's feet and hands.

The parents of 2-year-old Malyia Jeffers state that doctors were negligent in determining the medical prognosis that could have prevented them from amputating her feet and hands. They say that the young girl was brought to the hospital for a high temperature, increasing weakness and a fever from advanced strep infection, Malyia was not treated for five hours.

When Malyia was finally seen by medical staff her condition was so bad that she needed to be flown immediately to Stanford University Hospital where she was diagnosed with septic shock. The result was the amputation of both of her feet, her left hand and a portion of her right hand.

In rare cases of strep, the bacteria can move from the throat area into the bloodstream, causing sepsis.

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