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Woman Admits She Was Drunk But Still Sues Bar Over Slip

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Even though a woman admitted to being drunk when she slipped outside of a bar three years ago, she is still suing the establishment for causing the negligent conditions that caused her to fall.

Ryan O'Leary, 23, fell outside of KJ's Ale House on Jan. 10, 2008 after a night of drinking, even though at the time she was only 20. She is now blaming the bar for serving her alcohol as an underage customer, causing her slip-and-fall accident. According to court papers filed in conjunction with her case O'Leary appeared to be in "an impaired or intoxicated condition" when she left the bar around 10:45 p.m.

Not only was she intoxicated but the sidewalk or curb was also alleged to have been damaged, making the property owner liable for O'Leary's fall. O'Leary filed against the bar and the property owner, Gentile Family LLC, in New York's Supreme Court, St. George. The amount of monetary damages that she is seeking has not been released.

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