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Wife Asserts that Husband Suffered from Nursing Home Negligence

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Although most of us think about nursing homes as peaceful places where the elderly are taken care of, this is not always the case. More and more cases of nursing home negligence are making their way to the public forum and action is finally being taken against facilities that have a record of abuse.

One woman is taking the fight to court after learning that her husband was abused in his nursing home. Shirley A. Osburn became suspicious when her husband, John A. Osburn, experienced an unexpected decline in health. After learning more about the Teays Valley Center, where he was a resident from July 22, 2009 to July 29, 2009, Osburn came to believe that the center was responsible for his injuries.

During his short stay at Teays, Osburn states that her husband suffered from falls, dehydration, urinary-tract infection, sepsis and a fractured right hip. She is now suing the center for his wounds and failure to provide a safe environment free from injuries, both physical and mental. Osburn is asking for punitive and compensatory damages in her lawsuit against Teays.

The Lanier Law Group represents those who have been harmed by nursing home negligence. If you or someone you care for was harmed while staying at a nursing home facility, contact our law office to enlist the services of a North Carolina personal injury lawyer who can provide help and resources.

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