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Girl Loses Leg During Car Accident and Now Plays Soccer

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One young girl is not taking her tragic accident sitting down. In fact, she is once again playing her favorite sport, even though she lost one of her legs two years ago.

The young girl, now a sophomore in college, lost her leg in a freak accident. She was working at a car wash fundraiser when one of the vehicles accidentally backed up, pinning her against a wall. Even though doctors performed several surgeries in the attempt to save her leg, they were finally forced to amputate it.

After two years of working with her prosthetic leg in rehab, she can not only walk, but run around on the field. She is so adept with her new leg that she made the college's women's soccer team and hopes to be a goalkeeper during the next season. Some of the coaches have commented that she is so spirited that they often have to ask her to slow down.

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