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Police Still Looking into Confusing Semi-Truck Accident

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Investigators are trying to determine why a driver of a semi-truck leaped from his moving rig while driving down the interstate around 8:00 PM. After the driver ejected himself from the moving semi-truck, the truck continued down the road unattended for about a mile and a half before hitting the guardrail and coming to a crashing halt along the side of the road.

After the truck crashed, another semi-truck collided with the debris scattered on the highway as a result of the initial truck accident. The driver of the second truck lost control of his vehicle, overturned, and then struck three other vehicles on the same road - a pickup truck, a flatbed and another semi.

Two drivers involved in the accident were airlifted to local hospitals and other drivers involved in the accident were taken to hospitals by emergency medical crews. Only one driver involved in the accident was uninjured. It is currently unclear why the driver of the first semi-truck abandoned his vehicle in the first place. Local police are currently investigating the situation.

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