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North Carolina Residents Worry About Workplace Accidents

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Over twenty years ago, a fire at a chicken plant took the lives of 25 employees. As one of the worst workplace accidents in the history of North Carolina, it has set an example for ensuring safe workplaces all over the state.

After the accident, the plant came under serious scrutiny for failing to adhere to federal guidelines. It had never been inspected by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration until the accident occurred and sparked OSHA's interest.

Since that accident, OSHA and state agencies stepped up their efforts to inspect workplaces across the North Carolina, issuing fines and citations as necessary. Yet, more than 25 years later, some believe that a similar accident could happen again. Since citations and inspections have dropped so sharply in the past few years, some safety advocates are worried that another tragedy could happen soon unless more investigations are conducted on a regular basis.

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