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Race Event Leads to Death of Two Motorcyclists

An event at a North Carolina racetrack led to the death of two motorcycle riders and the hospitalization of another. The crash was witnessed by 62,000 people who attended the race last weekend. According to witness reports, two motorcycles crashed on the track, operated by A.R.M., 66, and T.F.H., 71. The surviving rider was D.M., the wife of A.R.M. She remains in the hospital with a head injury and broken bones, but may have sustained additional bodily damage that is not being reported at this time.

News sources say that the motorcycle riders were participating in an event honoring Vietnam victims. Have you recently been injured in a motorcycle accident? Did you sustain injuries that changed your life? If so, seek legal counsel immediately by contacting the Lanier Law Group, P.A. so you remain aware of your options and rights. Once contacted, a North Carolina personal injury lawyer from our team will evaluate your case and will also take the time to explain possible legal solutions to you.