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Car Accident Results in One Death and Five Injuries

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On U.S. Highway 64 in Zebulon, North Carolina, there was a major three-car pileup that resulted in the death of one victim and the injuries of five others. It is reported that of the five injured victims, three were taken to the hospital and two were treated by medics at the scene, it is believed that one man’s injuries may result in death though they are still uncertain to how severe the damage is going to be.

According to the North Carolina police, two women were traveling on the road before sunup on Sunday morning and ran out of gas. They pulled over to the side of the road to avoid being in the way of any other vehicles, though the back end of the car was still allegedly sticking out into the traffic. At this point, another man who was driving in the far right lane didn’t notice how close the car actually was and he struck the woman’s Honda.

As a result of this impact the ladies car was forced off farther to the side of the road while the man’s vehicle spun out of control into the middle of the highway. Without noticing the car in front of them crossing two lanes, a third car was involved in the crash. The second car was struck and split into half then immediately was engulfed in flames, the driver was killed in the fire. Meantime, the investigation is still pending as to what factors were involved in the accident.

Police note that while the hazard lights of the first car were on as it was off to the side of the road, their headlights weren’t on, nor were the second or third cars lights on either. There are suspicions of alcohol being involved though they are uncertain still.

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