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Who is Liable for the Aurora Movie Theatre Shooting?

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In the wake of the unforgettable tragedy that took place at an Aurora, Colorado movie theatre, many are wondering who is liable for the overwhelming damage that was done. With 70 people wounded, and another 12 dead, people across the United States have begun to speculate that someone should be held accountable for providing compensation to the victims of the shooting. But who is responsible, other than the shooter himself, for the tragedy? Unfortunately, the answer to that is unclear. According to the law, a premises liability case must prove that the owners of a property had failed to adequately manage a foreseeable event. In the case of the "Dark Knight shooting," it may be hard to argue that the theatre should have foreseen such an unexpected and isolated event.

Typically, a pattern must be established—including previous occurrences of violence in and/or around the premises on which the incident happened—for it to be determined that the property owners should have provided more adequate security. Others argue, however, that since the shooter had purchased a ticket, exited through an emergency door, and reentered through that same door, that some sort of alarm should have sounded in the theatre, regardless of previous events. Even so, making a valid case against the theatre might prove to be a stretch for the victims of the shooting. Similarly, trying to pursue a personal injury and/or wrongful death lawsuit against the makers of the film, "The Dark Knight Rises," may also prove to be an uphill battle—as similar lawsuits have been unsuccessfully pursued in the past.

Although no lawsuits have been filed since the shooting took place, it has yet to be seen whether or not the victims and/or the families of the fatally injured victims will seek damages from one of many possible defendants. Making a valid personal injury case is often a complex process, as it requires an extensive investigation and viable evidence to prove another's liability. If you have been injured at the hands of a negligent and/or reckless individual, however, do not be deterred. First and foremost, it is important to review the circumstances of your injury with a knowledgeable legal professional from our firm. In doing so, it can be more accurately discerned whether or not you have grounds to pursue a lawsuit. After that, we can proceed with the appropriate legal action and work to recover the compensation that you deserve.

For more information, do not hesitate to submit a free case evaluation with our firm today. You cannot know whether or not your rights have been violated if you are unsure of what they are in the first place, so let an experienced lawyer from the Lanier Law Group, P.A. help.

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