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Buckyballs & Buckycubes Recalled Due to Choking Hazard

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Buckyballs are a small desk toy that is created from a large amount of small magnetic balls as large as the head of a pin. The little metal balls were listed as one of the trending toys of 2011 for kids and adults alike. The successful inventor of Buckyballs, Zen Magnets, also created a second generation of the toy called Buckycubes. These magnetic cubes are similar to their round counter-parts, except that they are in the shape of a small square.

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission is trying to put a halt on the sale of these addicting magnets at the moment because of the very real safety threat that they pose to infants and small children. Young ones like to pop foreign objects in their mouth, and Buckyballs are a choking hazard. The CPSC is now suing Zen Magnets over the hazardous magnets, and will be requesting a recall. If they win in their complaint, then the CPSC will issue this recall and the public will be able to return their Buckyballs for a full refund.

Eleven manufacturers of the little magnets have already stopped production and agreed to stall importing, distributing, and selling the magnets. Zen Magnets and Maxfield & Oberton are the only two companies who produce this product that have refused to follow the CPSC requests. According to the CPSC, the magnets are most dangerous when more than one is swallowed. Then, the two or more magnets can pinch or trap intestinal walls, so that it results in acute or long-term consequences.

The magnets create progressive tissue injuries that lead to infection, sepsis, or death. They say that anyone who swallows two or more of these magnets needs to head to the hospital immediately for medical attention. While the Buckyballs are mostly a threat to children, the CPSC has also received reports of teens and tweens who were using the balls to mimic lip and tongue piercings and then swallowed the magnets.

If you have been injured by swallowing these trendy desk magnets, then you need a personal injury lawyer on your side. Whenever a product presents a choking hazard, there is a possibility that you can sue the company for an injury. Discuss your claim with an attorney at the Lanier Law Group, P.A. for more information!

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