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Camp Lejeune’s Toxic Water Documents Released

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Documents have been released about the years of suspicion of contaminated water at Camp Lejeune in North Carolina. These documents are claiming that the military has been well aware of this problem, and are being accused of the deaths and illnesses of many as a result. It is being stated that they have been aware of this issue for thirty years, and have continued to cover it up for some reason.

Last week, Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Patrick Leathy, released some 8,000 documents that addressed the contamination issue and passed a bill that offers medical aid to those who have suffered as a result of the toxic waters. This bill was approved by Senate and gives healthcare for Marines and their families that have suffered anytime between 1957 and 1987. The Bill is on its way through the House and will likely be amended sometime in August of this year.

It has been concluded that during this period of time family homes were contaminated by cleaning solvents for almost thirty years, it is assumed that around one million people were exposed to the chemicals in the water. One man has been digging for information on the toxic deaths since his daughter died from leukemia in 1985. After years of searching, he found many traces of TCE in various documents, and just this past year the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency claimed that this toxin was cancerous.

Unfortunately, many people still believe that the military is trying to cover up their actions by saying that they were unaware of the dangers of this toxin, though various documents are clearly portraying the opposite. The gravity of this case continues to increase, leaving many victims angry at the fact that the military is continually trying to cover it up. Further investigations are being held and hearings are being arranged before the Armed Services Committee.

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