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Car Accident Survivor Bitten by a Pit-Bull Dog

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According to The Northern Advocate, a local New Zealander was attacked by a pit-bull after serving a horrible car crash. This man was most likely in his 60’s survived the accident and sought to save his wife by getting her out of the car. Unfortunately, in the midst of trying to rescue his wife, he was attacked by a vicious pit-bull dog. It is reported that the dog bit a large piece out of this older man’s leg, about two square inches. While his wife was only beaten up a bit from the car accident, the man had to go to the hospital to receive treatments for his dog injuries.

A local neighbor saw the accident happen and quickly went over to help, thankful that there were no terrible injuries. Within moments, the elder man was attacked by the vicious animal that was owned by residents on the street of the accident. The victim is thankful that it wasn’t his wife that was attacked because she was injured enough by the crash to where she wouldn’t have been able to defend herself from the animal. The witnesses were very distressed that the owners of the dog never attempted to help the victims, from the car crash or from being attacked by their own dog.

Dog bites are a painful experience and can even be fatal depending on the situation. In the event of a dog attack, here are a few tips to consider in the moment. Avoid direct eye contact with the dog, and try to stand to their side rather than in front of them, the dog may see you as less of a threat this way. Understanding the dog’s stance is important as well. If their head is level and they are all on all fours, they may be getting ready to lunge at you. Avoid showing them your teeth as well, that may signal a threat to them.

Be careful around dogs, especially ones you aren’t familiar with. If you have ever been bitten by a dog like this poor victim here, and the owner did nothing to stop it, you have a right to take legal actions. Contact Lanier Law Group today for legal counsel you need to discuss your rights in your specific situation.

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