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Car Accidents Caused by Teenagers Texting & Driving

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According to the Boston Herald, studies are showing that in the state of North Carolina car accidents are linking greatly to teenage drivers that are using their cell phones while driving, particularly texting. In 2006, the state passed a law that completely prohibited cell phones for underage drivers; however, that law has been extremely ignored by the young drivers. The Highway Safety Research Center at the University of NC Chapel Hill in their recent release of Accident Analysis and Prevention links the connection between teens and car accidents.

Their studies are based on 5,000 students that exit local school parking lots. While many people are saddened by the findings of the studies, it is not unexpected. The State Senator, Stan Bingham states that this law is impossible to completely enforce with these students. The University study included having a person observing all of the cars exiting the parking lots and they would take note if the driver was handling the cell phone, likely texting, or if they were talking on it. The result of the study showed that texting teen drivers in the state have increased by 40%. Studies are also showing that it is more common for younger drivers to text and drive as opposed to older drivers, most likely due to the younger folk being used to having a phone with them at all times.

During various interviews with high school students, the UNC researchers report similar answers in regards to texting and driving. Many of the students respond saying that everyone does it, that because it is common it is okay. Unfortunately, statistics are showing that for fatal car accidents with people involved under the age of 20, 10%of them are cell phone related accidents. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration states that by texting while driving the odds of getting in an accident of some sort are increased by 23%.

Texting a driving is a dangerous hazard, educate your children and friends. If you or someone you know was injured in an accident like this, contact Lanier Law Group, P.A. for the legal counsel you deserve!

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