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Reducing Burn Injuries Through Safe Fire Practices

When Results Matter Most, Hire a Heavyweight

While the summer months are still here, countless families will be spending a lot of time outdoors barbecuing and maybe even circling around a campfire. Because of this, several organizations are teaming up to spread the word about fire safety, including Safe Kids North Carolina. This organization was developed as a way to keep children—14 and under—safe from the accidental injuries that claim the lives of more than 200 kids and send more than 45,000 to the doctor for treatment each year, and their newest venture has been to create awareness about practicing fire safety this summer. The motto to remember is that "gasoline and fire never mix."

Although most parents stray away from using gasoline to start a fire, there are still a few unsuspecting adults that do not know how to properly start and manage a fire. Because of this, any children in the vicinity will be susceptible to the risks of sustaining life-threatening burn injuries. The National Electronic Injury Surveillance System estimates that more than 14,500 people die each year from burn injuries and that around 1,500 children sustain serious burn injuries from gasoline fires each year, as well. In lieu of these devastating numbers, it is important for everyone to take fire safety seriously, especially the supervising adults.

If a child is injured in a fire under the negligent supervision of a careless adult, the consequences may be devastating. That child may be forced to endure catastrophic injuries like lifelong disfigurement and scarring, and because of this, compensation may be in order.

If your child has been seriously injured due to the negligent fire practices of another adult, you should not hesitate to contact a local attorney and discuss the facts of your case. You may be entitled to compensation, which would greatly help with the financial burden of the incurred medical expenses of a burn injury, so contact a legal representative today to discuss your personal injury case.

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