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Drowning Accident in North Carolina

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The capsizing of a canoe in Hendersonville, North Carolina has claimed the life of a male who was riding in it while out on Lake Osceola on Saturday afternoon. The victim of the accident was a 50-year-old resident of South Carolina, marking the third in a series of lake drowning incidents to occur in Western North Carolina this year alone.

The couple, who were vacationing at Leoni's Mountain Lake Inn, are originally from South Carolina. Reports indicate that the drowning incident happened just after 4 p.m. while the couple was out on the 12-acre lake just south of Hendersonville. Upon capsizing, the man's fiancée was able to swim to safety; however, G. Daniels was not as lucky, and his attempts to get to shore were ultimately thwarted, taking his life the one and only time he went under the water.

Information that has been released about the accident since its occurrence suggests that no life jackets were being worn at the time of the canoe capsizing. While wearing life preservers is not mandatory in the state of North Carolina, it remains highly recommended, especially among those who are non-swimmers or weakly abled. As reported by property manager of Leoni's Mountain Lake Inn, there were indeed life vests on board the water vessel, they just weren't utilized.

As of now, it has yet to be determined what the cause of last weekend's capsizing was. While there are many possibilities as to what may have created such a tragedy, as of now we do not know whether it was the result of improper canoe maintenance or something else possibly related to negligence. If it can be proven that foul play was at hand, whether intentional or not, the surviving fiancée of the drown victim may have cause to file a wrongful death claim.

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