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Bear Attack Injures Camper in Arizona

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Part of the fun of camping is being immersed in wildlife. Yet that isn't enjoyable if the wildlife gets too close. In Payson, Arizona, a 74-year-old woman was recently injured when she was attacked by a black bear. The curious bear tore through her tent in the middle of the night at a campground, supposedly looking for a snack. Her husband and dog were also in the tent during the incident, but were not harmed. The bear scratched the woman's face, and gave her several bruises. Thankfully, her husband helped her to scare the animal away by making a loud commotion in the camp.

The elderly woman was taken to a nearby hospital and received staples to the face because of the cut. She was sedated due to her heightened terror after the traumatizing experience. The Arizona Game and Fish Department says that they intend to euthanize the bear if they can locate it, so that it will not be a threat to other people who are enjoying a vacation at the campgrounds. The campground where the attack occurred has been closed until the end of the summer as a precaution. This dangerous attack might have been prevented if the campground had better patrols or gave more attention to removing black bears from the campsite. Witnesses say that they saw the bear digging through trashcans earlier in the night. It has not been revealed whether or not this couple will seek a lawsuit against the campground.

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