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Massage Parlors Often Cited for Sexual Abuse

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One woman in Texas was devastated when she was sexually assaulted by her massage therapist at the parlor she frequented in Harris County. On May 17th, 2011, the customer was attacked by a masseuse at the company. Two months earlier, another victim was also assaulted, though she did not file a claim because of embarrassment. These two occurrences at Massage Heights in Texas is only one of the many times that a massage parlor has been found to be a location of unlawful sexual conduct. In February, a massage parlor owner in Rochester was also cited for first-degree sex abuse when he was found inappropriately touching his female customers.

The man posted an advertisement for a cellulite study on his website so that he could lure women into the shop. Most recently, a massage parlor worker in Arizona was arrested on suspicion of sexual assault after receiving several complaints for inappropriate contact. The 38-year-old is being held on one count of sexual assault and two counts of sexual abuse at present. He is not a licensed therapist. If you were abused sexually in a massage parlor or anywhere else, you have the right to let authorities know. More than likely, your offender will be arrested and tried for his crimes.

If that person was employed by a company that you believed to be reliable, and they could have prevented the harm that came to you, then you may also want to consider pressing personal injury charges against them. You may be able to receive restitution for the pain and suffering that you faced because of this encounter. Talk to a personal injury lawyer in your state today to explore your options. If you are from North Carolina, then we can help you to get the representation you need.

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