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Salmonella Outbreak Sparks Lawsuit

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The first lawsuit has been filed against the North Carolina tempeh producer that is personally responsible for a salmonella outbreak that affected at least 89 people in North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee and New York. Along with an online spore culture retailer, the tempeh producer failed to make sure that his product was free of any salmonella bacteria. Tempeh is a traditional soy product that is a staple in Indonesian food. It is normally purchased in large blocks, and is similar to tofu in that it is a protein substitute that is created from the soybean. However, a different fermentation process of the bean gives it an even higher content of dietary fiber and protein than tofu has.

While many people like to cook with this ethnic ingredient, the creative culinary artists on or near the east coast came down sick because of bad processing practices. A Florida woman is pioneering lawsuits against the Tempeh Company, which is called Smiling Hara Tempeh. Officials have determined that the outbreak started with the culture that is used as an active ingredient in the food. The Tempeh was advertised and sold through Tempeh Online, and the plaintiff is also suing this company for distributing the harmful product. The woman who filed the lawsuit says that she was on vacation with her husband when they purchased the tempeh and she consumed in on March 19th.

About 48 hours later, she claims that she began to experience abdominal cramps, and four days later, she was struck with uncontrollable shaking, intense headaches, vomiting, diarrhea and almost unbearable cramps. Because she is a nurse, the plaintiff was forced to cease all work activity after being diagnosed. She now is forced to stay at home, waiting until her recovery and contamination period comes to an end. If you have developed an illness from a faulty food product, you need to let people know. Contact a personal injury lawyer today!

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