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Two Men Killed in Chattahoochee River Boating Accident

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On Wednesday, June 6th, 2012, two fishermen in Georgia were killed in a devastating boating accident, while a third passenger suffered minor injuries and watched the tragic scene. The boat crashed on the Chattahoochee River about 10 miles North of Florence Marina. The men had been out fishing all day in the peaceful water.

While the location of the men's deaths is still under investigation, police say that the boat must have sped up off of the water and onto the land where it crashed into trees. At this point, the tree men flew from the boat and were hurled onto the land. The two men who passed away must have hit their heads on the hard wood or slammed into rocks upon impact.

The boat then ricocheted off of the trees and back into to water empty. The surviving boater stayed at the scene for about two hours, waiting for help. Finally, he stood up and walked to a nearby boating store, where he contacted an emergency team. Authorities started a search for the missing two men and eventually found their bodies. One was about 50 yards from the crash site, while the other man had drowned in the water. The sole survivor of the crash was the only witness, but he has been reluctant to explain what went on that fateful day.

Some assume that he may have been intoxicated while driving, which caused the boat to rise up onto the shore. Others wonder if the boar malfunctioned, or if a human error caused the crash. This is the seventh Georgia boating fatality this year. If your loved one died in a preventable boating accident, then you may want to press charges. This is especially true if the driver was boating under the influence, or if someone's negligence cost your loved one his or her life.

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