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Eagles Football Stadium Security Could be at Fault for Injury of Fan

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A suit has been filed against the Eagles over the injury of a female fan, a Rider University student, who was injured on the stadium's premises during a drunken brawl that took place between several fans attending the game. The suit concerns an Eagles-Houston game that took place at the Lincoln Financial Field in 2010. It has been filed by 21-year-old A. Mulheron.

Specific charges regarding the incident state that the stadium's security displayed blatant acts of negligence when it failed to provide the necessary safety precautions to subdue the out-of-control fans at the stadium. The claims further site negligence on behalf of Aramark for selling beer to men who were visibly intoxicated beyond the point of being served more alcohol. As a result, Mulheron wrongfully ended up under a pile of fighting men in the middle of the stands of a game that took place on the December 2, 2010. She suffered an injured ankle from the incident. Now, having recovered, the young woman has filed claims of personal injury against the Eagles and Aramark Food Services for the harms she was subjected to as an innocent bystander at a sporting event.

Reviewing the case: It seems that security had thrown the roused-up spectators out of the stadium early on in the game; however, they were re-admitted to the facility at some point before becoming engaged in an all-out brawl. The suit appears to have a lot of evidence for a successful case and Melheron stands to come into financial compensation for the wrongful harms inflicted on her that fateful day.

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