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Family Reunited with Dog That Survived Car Accident

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A family was reunited with their dog last week in North Carolina. The older dog ran away when it was involved in a car accident that took the life of one man. B.A., 74, was driving in Montana when he lost control of his vehicle. It rolled over, ejecting him and his 12-year-old dog, Ladybug. While the victim was found dead near his vehicle, police quickly determined that he had been riding with his dog. Officers searched for the canine but could not find him for days.

Fearing the worst, his sons went to collect his luggage and other personal effects in Montana. In the meantime, a woman and her son who had read about the missing dog found him wandering along the road. He was still alive 9 days after the crash. It appears as though he survived by eating road kill and drinking rainwater. The dog was reunited with the three sons shortly after.

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