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Snow Storm Leads to Motor Vehicle Accidents in the South

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Snowstorms often bring car accidents wherever they hit. But when they strike in areas of the country not accustomed to large snowfalls, such as the southern states, auto accidents tend to spike. Such a winter storm took several southern states by surprise last week. States like Tennessee, Kentucky, Virginia and North Carolina received as much as 9 inches of snow last weekend. Despite warnings to stay off the icy roadways, there were several accidents reported.

One accident involved a tractor-trailer that overturned while another took place when a car slid out of control and into a police officer. That auto accident occurred in Raleigh last Sunday. The officer was responding to a call of another car accident when the second driver lost control of his vehicle. Over 24 accidents were reported in North Carolina that were caused by the snowstorm. If you sustained injuries during an auto accident, take the time to consult an experienced North Carolina personal injury lawyer by contacting the Lanier Law Group, P.A. today.

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