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The Health Hazard of Walking Down the Street

Yes, it’s true, even walking down the street can become a serious health hazard. This is especially true in congested cities where all sorts of pollution fills the air. According to the Scientific American, most of our serious illnesses and deaths in the U.S. come from preventable diseases. These are things like heart disease and liver and lung illnesses that come from what we eat, drink, or smoke. The American Heart Association recently published 43 necessary changes that can make a healthier environment on American sidewalks.

Among them was the suggestion to tighten restrictions on smoking. Some people think smoking is a calming and soothing activity, but that doesn’t mean that it is healthy. In fact, smoking has been linked to lung cancer and other breathing issues as people age. But even those who decide to avoid smoking are still at risk. This is because they are breathing in second-hand smoke every day as they walk down the boulevard. The American Heart Association believes that if cities could tighten their laws on smoking in public locations, it could prevent others from obtaining diseases related to the nicotine.

As well, the American Heart Association has suggested raising the taxes on unhealthy foods in order to motivate men and women towards healthier choices. Actions like this might enrage the public, but some believe that they could pay off in the end. As well, the American Heart Association has suggested that cities lengthen the hours that they keep their public parks open and the school recreational facilities in order to encourage exercise. They say that they could eliminate a lot of unhealthy choices if they improved sidewalks and scenery in order to motivate people to take walks outside or bike and run.

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