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Brian Centers Under Fire for Alleged Elder Abuse

When Results Matter Most, Hire a Heavyweight

A number of North Carolina nursing homes have been the subject of controversy this year as family members allege their loved ones were subjected to abuse and substandard levels of care. The Brian Centers, which are owned by Atlanta-based Sava Senior Care, constitute 32 nursing homes and rehab centers in North Carolina. Now, several families are suing the company over the deaths of loved ones, deaths they claim were the direct result of inadequate care and outright neglect. 

According to Medicare and Department of Health & Human Services records, the facilities have struggled with low staffing levels and high rates of turnover, which have led to difficulty keeping up with the basic care of residents and patients. 

Unfortunately, the staffing, turnover and training issues at the Brian Centers are not uncommon in the world of elder care. Coupled with the fact that many older people are either in significantly compromised physical or mental shape or simply aren’t inclined to complain, these conditions can lead to serious cases of abuse and neglect.

Abuse can take the form of both physical and emotional mistreatment. Some of the signs to look for include:

  • Visible wounds, such as cuts, bruises or bed sores
  • Presence of urine or feces
  • Loss of weight or hair
  • Emotional withdrawal or sudden change of mood
  • Sudden disappearance of personal items or money
  • Strange or suspicious behavior on the part of staff 

Any of these signs or symptoms may be indicative of abuse or neglect. Be aware of any changes in your loved one’s physical, mental and emotional health. Always attempt to address issues with the management, but if this doesn’t produce results, you might need to seek legal help. 

If you believe your loved one may be a victim of elder abuse in a nursing home, rehab center or other facility, you will likely want to consult with an attorney. The lawyers at the Lanier Law Group have experience working with cases of nursing home negligence and represent clients throughout North Carolina.

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