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What is Birth-Related Medical Malpractice?

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Medical malpractice happens when a physician or other health care provider fails to exercise ordinary care and injures or kills a patient due to their negligence. This can occur in a number of different medical fields and types of treatment, including in neonatal care and infant delivery.

Medical malpractice related to birth arises when a medical providers’ negligence causes injury to the child or mother during the pregnancy or the birthing process. Common instances in which the form of liability arises include when a baby is being delivered as well as when a parent chooses to end or avoid a pregnancy.

Birth injuries make up the vast majority of these claims and can be devastating to both the parent and the child. Though most births occur without incident, occasionally a doctor will make a mistake that causes injury to the mother, the infant or both. Some of the more common injuries include a failure to control blood loss after a baby has been delivered and inadequate monitoring of an infant’s oxygen intake during and after its birth.

When a baby does not receive enough oxygen, he or she can suffer severe brain injury that may result in death or development disorders, including cerebral palsy. Doctors assisting with delivery are expected to exercise a high duty of care in monitoring the oxygen intake of an infant and detect any potentially life-threatening issues, such as if the umbilical cord has become wrapped around a baby and is choking off his or her oxygen supply.

When doctors make mistakes during pregnancies or deliveries, mothers and infants can be seriously injured or even killed. If you or someone you know has suffered this type of injury, you may have a claim for medical malpractice against the doctor or other medical provider. Speak with a dedicated North Carolina personal injury attorney with the Lanier Law Group.

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