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Lawsuit Filed in Dump Truck Crash

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A nineteen year old college student who was inured when her vehicle was struck by a dump truck in February in Texas has filed a lawsuit for her injuries. The young woman was traveling to class when she was t-boned by the truck. The crash was filmed by a dashboard camera that was on another vehicle. The video shows the truck ram through the intersection hitting several cars and then the truck drove off a cliff. It was fortunate that no one was killed as a result of this crash. The investigating officer at the scene filed a report which found the truck's brakes failed, but also found that there were other contributing factors to the crash.

The lawsuit seeks reimbursement of medical bills as well as pain and suffering. The woman suffered traumatic physical injuries including spinal injuries and glass embedded in her face and ear drums. Her recovery is going to take a lot of time. The woman’s attorney filed the lawsuit quickly to make sure no evidence was lost in the case, like the chance to inspect the dump truck.

The lawsuit reveals the driver of the dump truck has a felony record and that the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration lists that the company who owns the truck has had twenty safety violations in the last 15 months. The young woman and her attorney believe that the truck never should have been on the road and, more importantly, the driver should never have been allowed behind the wheel given his record.

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