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Woman Sues School District and Builder for Injuries Sustained from a Fall

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A woman has filed a lawsuit against both the school district and the building company for injuries she suffered after tripping and falling into a construction trench in front of an elementary school. The woman fell into the trench despite there being a temporary fence set up surrounding the hole in the ground.

The woman fell into a trench opened adjacent to the elementary school while walking through the neighborhood with her grandson. She injured her shoulder which required surgical replacement and now suffers limited range of motion in her arm. The woman believes both the school district and builder needed to be more cautious to ensure the ongoing construction at the school was managed responsibly.

Her attorney released a statement saying, “The school district and construction company should have been more careful in how they put up the fencing and how they set up the premises where people will be walking.”

The building company has a history of issues with their construction projects. Some residents of the neighborhood had voiced concerns regarding potentially dangerous sidewalks adjacent to the school property. The sidewalks began to crack only weeks after being installed. Residents have also complained of cracks forming on their homes due to the intense vibrations from the project. The school district is in the process of severing their contract with the building company due to shoddy work quality of the school rebuild.

The lawsuit was filed when the claim for recovery the woman filed with the district was denied.

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