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Boy Scout Sex Abuse Cases Must Be Filed by Nov. 16th Deadline

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After men started to come forward with complaints about being sexually abused by Boy Scout troop leaders or other authority figures, scrutiny of the organization’s records showed a long-running effort to keep numerous such reports quiet and protect known offenders. Now, the Boy Scouts of America is facing hundreds of lawsuits from abuse survivors who are ready to have their stories heard. Faced with the realization that it could be found liable for hundreds of millions in damages, the organization filed for bankruptcy.

While some may see this as a fitting penalty for decades of abuse and coverups, others are asking whether the organization’s bankruptcy proceedings will allow it to evade the damages demanded by those it wronged. You still have a chance to file for compensation, but time is short. All sexual abuse claims against the Boy Scouts of America or its affiliates must be filed no later than 5 PM EST on November 16, 2020.

From Bankruptcy, a Survivor’s Fund

Due to the circumstances of its bankruptcy, the Boy Scouts of America was required to create a compensation fund for those who survived sexual abuse while under its care. This stipulation ensures the Boy Scouts of America will not be able to avoid paying damages to those it harmed.

However, because the fund was created as part of the organization’s Chapter 10 proceedings, the bankruptcy judge is requiring all claims be made by a certain date—November 16th—so there is an accounting for all the organization’s debts by that point. This is a customary part of the proceedings, but it does make the deadline for filing much shorter than it otherwise would be. We want to make sure this cutoff doesn’t cause anyone to miss their chance to pursue justice.

A Deadline All Claimants Must Meet

Though the window is currently open for any plaintiff to bring a claim against the Boy Scouts of America, it will close—permanently—on November 16th. Anyone who attempts to file after this date will have their claim dismissed and be considered ineligible for compensation. There are no exceptions and special rules we can use to help anyone bring a case after the deadline.

Make sure you meet the November 16th deadline by reaching out to our attorneys today. If you are even considering bringing a claim, we want to hear from you.

This deadline applies to suits against the Boy Scouts of America and any related organizations such as Explorers, Sea Scouts, and Venturing.

We Stand with Survivors

We understand and honor how personal a decision it is to file a sexual assault claim. If you are ready to come forward with your story, our team is here to support you. We aggressively represent our clients and take the time to help them understand what’s going on and what to expect as their claim progresses. You are always the priority.

We admire the strength and resilience of the men who have brought claims against the Boy Scouts of America and are ready to make sure everything possible is done to help them find justice. Are you considering whether to file your own case? Reach out to our team with your questions. We are happy to help you understand more about the process and how making a claim can benefit you.

Even if you’re undecided, call our attorneys today at (855) 757-4204 or send us a message to schedule a free and 100% confidential consultation. We want to make sure your case is submitted in time for the November 16th deadline.