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Lanier Law Group Files Case for Construction Worker Killed in Fatal Durham Trench Collapse

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Construction worker

Four construction workers found themselves trapped after a trench collapsed at a construction site in Durham. Unfortunately, one of these workers was subjected to an untimely death as a result. Lanier Law Group is pursuing justice on behalf of the late construction worker’s loved ones concerning his untimely death.

Charlotte construction company D.R. Mozeley confirmed that the late construction worker was an employee of J Squared Plumbing, a Georgia commercial and residential plumbing company. D.R. Mozeley had contracted J Squared Plumbing to work at the Durham site. While J Squared Plumbing does not have any safety violations to date, D.R. Mozeley has a history of such violations in the form of airlift and fall protection violations, as reported by The News & Observer.

After the Durham trench collapsed, the Wake County EMS and fire departments in Durham and Raleigh were dispatched to the scene, according to WRAL. Officials reported that the trench appeared to be somewhere between 6 and 8 feet deep.

The law mandates that construction companies (just as any company) are required to ensure that job sites are safe, meaning they must hold the safety of their workers as their top priority. A legal professional told WRAL that days of rain preceding the trench collapse could have rendered the site too dangerous for workers. Therefore, supervising company D.R. Mozeley should have been aware of the risks and taken action to prevent injury to its own employees and any contracted workers.

Lanier Law Group has advocated for individuals injured in workplace accidents throughout North Carolina. We believe that employers must maintain a safe workplace for their employees as the law requires. When they fail in this regard, the consequences are often traumatically life-changing for workers and their loved ones. For this reason, our attorneys are passionate about defending every worker’s right to safety. If you or a loved one was injured because of an employer’s negligence, our lawyers want to fight for you.

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