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How to Store Your Motorcycle Safely This Winter

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Motorcycles are fun vehicles for the spring, summer, and fall. However, most bikers understand that motorcycle riding should be avoided in the winter, for many reasons. In order to keep your bike in tip-top shape come springtime, read up on these maintenance and storage tips for the cold season.

Prep the Bike for Extended Storage

Your motorcycle will likely be stored in the garage for several months during the winter. However, just because a motorcycle is not being used doesn’t mean it doesn’t require proper maintenance. To ensure your motorcycle will stay in top condition while in storage, take the following preparatory measures:

  • Clean and dry all surfaces of the bike to prevent rusting.
  • Cover delicate components with a thin layer of oil to prevent moisture buildup.

Replace Important Components

Although it may seem counterintuitive to replace and/or refresh the bike’s vital components for months it will not be used, it’s actually a good way to prevent wear-down. Stop by a gas station and top off the bike’s fuel tank. This will help prevent moisture from building up on the fuel tank’s walls. Additionally, change the oil to prevent old oil from corroding engine components.

Take the Weight Off the Tires

Having the bike’s full weight on the tires for many months can cause flat or weak spots on the tires. It’s best to use motorcycle stands or hoist the bike up on the front tire for a few weeks, then rotating the tire every few weeks.

Injured in a Motorcycle Accident? We’re Here to Help

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