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How an Electronic Logging Device Can Be Used in a Truck Crash Claim

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Electronic logging devices (ELDs) have been installed on many big rigs as part of a federal mandate to create a safer work environment for truckers and make it easier to log accurate driving data. Before ELDs were the industry standard, trucking hours were often logged by hand. This led to widespread falsification of records in order to meet unreasonable delivery deadlines while violating federal hours-of-service regulations.

ELDs have been a game-changer in that regard, and their accurate data can be used to strengthen a truck accident claim.

What Does An ELD Do?

An ELD is a device installed in big rigs that records vehicle parameters through synchronization to the vehicle’s engine. ELDs provide more accurate data than traditional logging methods, because the data capture is automatic and cannot be edited by the driver to hide any hours-of-service violations.

Additionally, the data among ELDs is standardized, which means it is easy for it to be transferred to enforcement officers during roadside and compliance reviews. This is vastly improved from handwritten logbooks in which the data was more difficult to decipher.

Since the data on ELDs cannot be altered or forged, these devices serve as key pieces of evidence in a truck accident claim. An experienced personal injury attorney will be able to analyze the data on an ELD and determine if a trucker violated federal limits for driving time, or made erratic driving maneuvers that caused a crash.

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