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The Link Between Negligent Security and Sexual Abuse

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Every year, countless individuals fall victim to sexual violence. While these crimes can occur anywhere, there are certain locations and circumstances that make them more likely to happen.

One of the biggest factors contributing to sexual abuse is negligent security. Negligent security occurs when an owner or operator of a property fails to provide adequate security measures, giving predators free rein to commit crimes.

We will discuss how negligent security can contribute to sexual abuse, which areas are most at risk, and how victims can pursue legal action against their assailants.

Locations that Become Dangerous Without Proper Security

High-Traffic Buildings

Schools, hotels, and apartment buildings are all prime examples of places where negligent security can lead to sexual assault. For example, if a school fails to thoroughly vet its employees, a perpetrator may be able to gain access to students and abuse them. Alternatively, if a hotel has faulty locks or inadequate lighting, it may become a target for predators looking for easy targets. Similarly, if an apartment complex does not have security cameras, a resident may become a victim of sexual assault in the parking lot, gym, or hallway.

By failing to take necessary precautions, owners and operators of these properties are creating dangerous environments that put vulnerable individuals at risk.

Public Transportation

Another area where negligent security can lead to sexual abuse is in public transportation. Buses, subways, and trains are all areas where predators may see an opportunity to abuse someone. If there are no security cameras or staff members present, someone may be able to commit a crime without being caught.

Additionally, some areas may be poorly lit or have blind spots that make it easy for someone to attack another person. When negligent security is present, anyone can be vulnerable to abuse, making the need for proper security measures all the more urgent.

Your Legal Options

There are legal options available for those who have been affected by negligent security leading to sexual abuse. Victims may be able to file a civil lawsuit against the owner or operator of the property, seeking compensation for any damages they incurred. Additionally, they may also be able to pursue criminal charges against the attacker, which could result in jail time or other penalties. By taking legal action, victims can ensure that those responsible for their abuse are held accountable and will take steps to prevent future incidents from occurring.

Providing Compassionate Victim Advocacy Since 1997

While there are many factors that contribute to these crimes, negligent security is one of the most significant. By failing to take proper precautions, owners and operators of properties are putting vulnerable individuals at risk of abuse. However, there are legal options available for victims who have suffered due to this negligence.

At Lanier Law Group, P.A., we understand the law and know how to pursue sexual abuse and assault cases. In fact, our firm has earned a reputation for having handled more sexual abuse cases than any other injury law firm in North Carolina.

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