Alligator Attacks 75-year-old in Florida

Posted on Jun 15, 2012 3:25pm PDT

An elderly man was golfing at a Florida course when disaster struck. In the many lakes on these beautiful courses live ferocious alligators, but many people forget that they can be a very serious threat. Albert Miller was enjoying his leisurely day and hit his ball into one of the ponds on the course. Naturally, he went to the edge of the water to look in and see if his ball was submerged underneath. As he was looking into the green water on the 15th green at the Lake Ashton Golf and Country Club, the unimaginable happened. A 9-foot alligator leaped up from underneath the water and latched its jaws around Miller's left knee.

The large reptile lifted Miller three feet off the ground and onto the grass in an act that he described as "excruciating." Two of Miller's golfing partners were able to bat down the alligator and free their friend, but the alligator's teeth ripped wounds in Millers need that required 35-40 stitches to patch back together. Trappers were called to the golf course, and they were able to catch the 190-pound alligator. They also caught another 6-foot alligator that was in the same pond. Miller admitted to USA Today that he is haunted by the traumatic experience.

Golf courses like Lake Ashton Golf and Country Club have the responsibility to give customers a satisfactory experience, and allowing dangerous animals like alligators to live on the course is a risky choice. If you were attacked by an animal on someone else's premises, you may be able to press charges against the owner of the property. The damages that you receive may be able to pay for your medical bills or help you to purchase items that will aid your comfort while you are recovering from your injury.

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