Any New Product Can Pose Unexpected Safety Risks to Children

Anyone with small children should view new products brought into the home as their children might see them. Items with bright colors or interesting textures attract curious children – with potentially severe effects on their health and safety. If your children sustain injuries caused by dangerous products, you need an experienced defective product lawyer to help level the playing field when pursuing a claim against a powerful manufacturing or distributing company in North Carolina or anywhere in the U.S.

To cite one example, the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) recently issued a safety alert pertaining to single-load liquid laundry packets, warning parents to lock them away to protect children. Resembling familiar items like candy, toys and teething products, in 2012 the brightly-colored pouches caused about 500 incidents involving injuries to children and adults. While children sustain severe injuries by ingesting the toxic product, the pouches can rupture and cause eye injuries to children or to adults using the product as well.

Although the laundry products typically carry warnings, many products newly introduced to the market can harm children before anyone recognizes the risks and the need to display product warnings. And even with warnings, the potential for product design or manufacturing defects – probably the underlying causes of the pouch ruptures – may point to liability on the part of the manufacturer. Individuals who sustain injuries from products they believe to be defective need to seek experienced advice from a North Carolina defective product attorney who understands complex state product liability laws and can identify any legal issues needed to pursue an injury claim.

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