Family Files Wrongful Death Suit against Haunted House Operator

Posted on Dec 14, 2010 9:00am PST

A mourning father in St. Louis has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against a haunted house. His fifteen-year-old daughter, Brittney Holmes, blames the operators of The Darkness Haunted House for failing to warn people with respiratory problems of the fog that they operate inside their house. The company has fought back, however, stating that there were three ten-foot signs warning people of just that.

Holmes fell into a vegetative state last November after visiting the haunted house in November of 2009. On the car ride home, the teenager suffered an asthma attack that deprived her brain of oxygen, putting her into a coma. The Holmes family asserts that the fog and scents released inside the haunted house are to blame for her death.

The father's attorney states that the asthma attacked followed too closely after the visit to the haunted house to be anything but related to the fog. Holmes' mother filed for a lawsuit separate from her husband's suit claiming that the medical bills for his daughter's care amounted to over $1 million.

At this time, the operators of the Haunted House are not making any comments to the press, other than their belief to have the case overturned in court.

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