Man Operating Mower Killed during Truck Accident

Posted on Nov 10, 2010 8:35am PST

A mower working on the median of I-95 was killed this week when a tractor-trailer lost control on the highway. The out-of-control truck hit two safety vehicles before hitting the tractor and killing its operator, John Glenn McLean, 47, in the northbound lanes near exit 58.

Two more people, the truck driver, Luis Valdes, 65, and the mower's son, Jerome Stewart, 19, were brought to the hospital but only with minor injuries. The son had been sitting in a Chevrolet Tahoe with an orange sign saying "Machinery in roadway next 1 mile" attached to its rear. After hitting another vehicle and other items in the roadway, the truck came to a stop on its side. A hazardous materials team from Fayetteville was dispatched to the site to clean up spilled gas from the tractor-trailer.

State troopers are still investigating the cause of the truck accident, preliminarily ruling out alcohol as having caused it. As of now no charges have been filed in this case.

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