Woman Withdraws Guilty Plea in Nursing Home Abuse Case

Posted on Jul 14, 2010 8:20am PDT

In Ohio, it is reported that a former assisted living facility worker has withdrawn her guilty plea and will now stand trial. The worker, Iindia Weatherly was accused of nursing home abuse after an 87-year-old man fell and broke his hip three weeks prior to his death, which occurred last summer.

Weatherly is charged with a fourth-degree felony and if she is convicted by a jury she will face a six to 18 month prison sentence.

In court, Weatherly admitted that she had been careless, but she denied that she had any intention of causing the victim harm. Witnesses said that Weatherly pushed a kitchen door open, which hit the 87-year-old and caused him to fall. Witnesses also said that while the man was on the ground, Weatherly punched him.

A coroner ruled the elderly man's death as a homicide, but prosecutors cannot prove that the incident caused his death.

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