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Avandia Faces Lawsuit

When Results Matter Most, Hire a Heavyweight

Avandia finds itself strapped with another lawsuit, this time for wrongful death in the case of James Michael Knight.

A year after Knight died the administrators of his estate filed suit against Smithkline Beecham Corp. and Glaxosmithkline in the Eastern District of Texas. In their suit, the estate claims that Knight started to take the diabetic drug in April 2005, leading to a fatal heart attack on April 13, 2009. The company has already been accused of knowing that Avandia could cause serious adverse health effects, but failing to warn consumers of the inherent dangers.

The plaintiffs have also accused Glaxosmithkline of failing to use a reasonably safe design, failing to adequately and properly test the drug, failing to properly label the drug and failing to manufacture the drug in a safe condition. As a result, Knight's estate is asking for survivor damages, wrongful death damages and exemplary damages.

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