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Drunk Driver Injures People Inside Minivan

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It takes just one person to get behind the wheel of a car drunk to ruin the lives of many. In one recent case, a drunk driver struck a minivan, hurting most of the family members inside.

The person responsible, 26-year-old Ryan Boyd, hit the minivan carrying a family on their way to the Immaculate Heart of Mary Church for Easter. As a result of the car accident, all eight people in the van were brought to local hospitals to be treated. This included Maria Valesquez, 50, and her five children. She suffered the worst trauma and had to be carried by helicopter to Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center with broken ribs and a collapsed lung.

The children, along with family friend Melissa Whipple, were all ejected from the vehicle. Luckily, none of them sustained serious injuries. Ryan Boyd is still in the hospital and is listed in critical condition. Additional charges to the already standing drunk driving charge have yet to be listed, but are likely to arise as police continue to investigate the accident.

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