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Girl Gets $4 Million for Sexual Abuse Civil Suit

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After a homecoming dance went horribly wrong in 2009 for a young girl, she has now been awarded $4 million in a civil claim for sexual abuse.

In an effort to avoid a long court case the West Contra Costa Unified School District agreed to settle for an immediate payment of $2.5 million. The rest of the money will be given as a structured settlement over the next 40 years.

The young girl claims that she was gang-raped at the Richmond High School's homecoming dance two years ago. While the girl had intended to call her father to get a ride home from the dance, a group of her classmates caught her attention outside the school to join them. She quickly became intoxicated and was ultimately stripped, robbed, beaten and raped by a number of young boys and men while others stood by and watched.

Members of the neighborhood heard about the attack and alerted the police. Officers arrived just shortly after the boys and men had dispersed to find her partially covered body in the park. She was suffering from hypothermia, a concussion, as well as brain and facial swelling.

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