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Ohio Family Awarded $1 Million for Wrongful Death Case

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A family in Akron, OH was awarded $1 million for the wrongful death of 69-year-old Robin Volpe. The jury found that Heather Knoll Retirement Village in Tallmadge was responsible for Volpe's death in 2006.

Volpe's family argued that the nursing home was negligent in taking care of their patient who fell down while living in the facility. The attorney for Volpe's family, Megan Frantz, told the Akron Beacon Journal that the northeast nursing home failed the patient and violated Ohio's Patients' Bill of Rights.

Despite the final outcome Daniel Mason, the attorney for Heather Knoll, says that the facility plans to appeal the decision. They maintain that they are not responsible for the death of Robin Volpe.

At this time, neither attorney is returning calls about the case.

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